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Greetings, Nature Lovers!

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic but amateur naturalist, a semi-professional nature photographer, and a crafty jewelry artisan -- all lifelong passions that gave birth to this little venture several years ago. I'm also a wife and mother, a volunteer in support of natural history education and environmental conservation, a computer geek, a pianist, a reader, a beginner botanical artist,... but I digress.

Reflecting Nature™  is a celebration of artistic features in the natural world. The name is a four-way homonym referring to the visual capture of nature in photos, mirror images in glassy water, the gloss of polished natural gemstones, and personal contemplation of beauty and diversity in the outdoors. (Clever, eh?)

My photographic inspiration comes from many sources -- from being surrounded by talented scientist/naturalist teachers, friends, and family who continually educate me and have taught me to truly see in the field; from an urge to remember the lovely scenes and maintain a virtual collection of the natural treasures I find; and from a desire to show off share that appreciation with others. In addition to the images displayed on products here, there are many more in my gallery at

My personal photographic philosophy is to shoot exclusively in natural settings, and to apply subtle digital darkroom techniques that best express what I see. My entire kit must fit in a small beltpack because I would much rather savor the looking, walking, and occasional snapping, than be encumbered by the elaborate equipment and drive for perfection that some photographers crave. Having lived through the film era and the digital revolution, I converted to the innovative Micro Four Thirds system in 2010, and am very impressed with its progress. Even after many years of developing my skills, there is still so much to learn, and the constant challenge keeps me energized and busy.

My jewelry design style focuses on the art inherent in gemstones and other natural treasures. I strive to collect beautiful specimens and to craft simple settings that subtly enhance their presentation without distracting from their natural beauty.

In all aspects of my life, I strive to minimize my impact on the planet. After much frustration in seeking suppliers who share my values in this area, I am proud to announce that most of my raw materials are now responsibly and sustainably produced, so my little business is green too.

I find it especially rewarding to donate my photographs to environmental organizations for conservation and educational purposes. If that is your interest, I would love for you to contact me. But there is absolutely nothing I find more thrilling than simply hearing that my work brings pleasure to others!

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